If you brought back every thing I have ever written on my arm at one time, I’m pretty sure it would be black.


坊っちゃん | こし餡


RED by tincek-marincek

Some quick drawing which I did last year…I drew it around 2 hours in Manga Studio. It’s totally not obvious that I’m obsessed with red…haha :P Anyway, more info about painting you can check on link above. Enjoy.


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Don't cross the line.



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"Looks like you have finally figured it out."
"That’s why you can’t go to that side."
"No matter where you go… there is no place for you."
"Why are you leaving me behind?"
"There is something you really want more than money."
"Have you realized that…"
"Take me with you!"
"You can’t attain that now?"
"Even so, Yukine."
"No matter what. You can’t cross that line."


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Bleach - Kira Izuru's Sword Wabisuke